August 16 – Cable & wire harness and box build/kiosk assembly experts Manufactured Assemblies Corporation (MAC) announced today that it has expanded its offering to provide advanced product design & engineering capabilities and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) through its new partnership with Minnesota-based Logic PD.

“Our relationship with Logic PD really opens up the possibility for both companies to build deeper, more beneficial relationships with our customers,” said Bradley J. Nimer, president of MAC. “Many of MAC’s customers would benefit greatly from relying on one full-service source for more of their electronics development and manufacturing needs, and this partnership between two trusted, high-quality companies allows them to do just that.”

The two companies have worked toward integrating each other’s offerings since Logic PD was acquired in March 2018 by Compass Group Equity Partners, which acquired MAC a year earlier. The arrangement adds a wider range of product development, manufacturing and assembly capabilities – as well as greater economies of scale – to the quality, efficiency, and time-to-market advantages both companies already provide to their customers.

“We’re thrilled to be working together with MAC to provide an even more comprehensive suite of manufacturing services that further our commitment to covering the needs of our customers’ entire product lifecycle,” Bruce DeWitt, president and CEO of Logic PD, said. “Logic PD’s unique mix of capabilities has only grown stronger and more differentiated when combined with what our friends at MAC do best.”

Founded in 1960, Logic PD offers professional product design and engineering services, as well as a full range of electronics manufacturing production and test capabilities, through their facilities in Eden Prairie, Minn. Logic PD is also a leading manufacturer of system on modules, boasting both a standard line of ARM-based SOMs and a team of engineers that specializes in creating custom SOM solutions.

About MAC

Established in 1976, Manufactured Assemblies Corporation was solidly built on our initial core strength of cable assemblies and wire harnesses. With over 40 years of experience, MAC has established a reputation as an industry leader in contract manufacturing, box build and custom kiosk assembly. Our superior quality, service, and forward-thinking solutions give our customers the edge they need to succeed.

About Logic PD

Logic PD is a world-class electronics manufacturer, design and engineering service company and system on module (SOM) creator, working with the most innovative commercial, industrial, medical device, aerospace, and defense companies in the world. We collaborate with clients to guide them through all aspects of their design and engineering and electronics manufacturing services needs to accelerate their growth and capture value. Logic PD helps its clients identify opportunities, reduce risk, and control costs to deliver the next generation of innovative products into the world’s most demanding markets.

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