Compass Electronics Solutions Welcomes Newest Apprenticeship Program

Compass Electronics Solutions Third Apprenticeship Group

Compass Electronics Solutions invests in the future of the electronics manufacturing industry with apprenticeship programs

Compass Electronics Solutions invests in the future of the electronics manufacturing industry with our apprenticeship programs. We help to propel the industry forward by recruiting, instructing, and providing on-the-job training for the next generation of advanced manufacturing professionals. Equally dedicated to our employees, community and customers, CES is an electronics manufacturing partner that raises the bar.

There is a growing need of skilled employees for advanced electronics manufacturing roles, but the specialized skills necessary to be successful are often difficult to learn. CES works with the Minnesota Apprenticeship Initiative (MAI) to offer a thorough, professionally guided apprenticeship program. Our Twin Cities, MN location (CES-MSP) offers apprentices a valuable program in machine operation and soldering. These skills facilitate long-term career development and employment.

CES-MSP launched the apprenticeship program in 2018, and now announces its third round of MAI apprentices. The core curriculum of learning is comprised of numerous instructional channels like personal mentoring, hands-on training, accompanying studies and on-the-job (OTJ) training. The CES electronics manufacturing apprenticeship emphasizes one of two functional areas, soldering and machine operation. Participants reap the full benefit of expert instruction and training to relevant certification standards (J-STD, IPC, ASQ, SMTA, etc). CES’ apprenticeship program serves the community by offering employees a substantive and accessible developmental pathway. This apprenticeship program won the 2019 Community Champion Award from the Sundance Family Foundation.

Upon completion of the initial recruiting process, the apprentices are guided through CES-MSP’s three step program. The first 60-90 days are dedicated to comprehensive safety and basic training. Phase two introduces related technical training (RTI) and outside resources such as the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA). With the relevant certifications in-hand, apprentices at CES-MSP receive ongoing on-the-job training (OJT) as the final stage of the apprenticeship program. Milestones throughout the apprenticeship process allow us to gauge an apprentice’s progress over the course of the program and dispense pay raises accordingly. By providing the opportunity to do the work hands-on, in a supervised learning environment, the CES-MSP apprenticeship program ensures all participants are fully trained and comfortable in an advanced manufacturing setting for their long-term careers.

CES-MSP’s MAI apprenticeship program is designed to give participants valuable experience in cross-functional settings and real-world skills to bolster their employability. CES apprentices are equipped to compete for advanced manufacturing positions around the world and are positioned for a fruitful career with CES if they choose. Our apprenticeship program is structured as a train-to-retain program, seeking to establish a long-term relationship as our apprentices transition to fully trained employees. Apprenticeship with CES-MSP represents a career development program that allows workers to advance their skill-sets drastically over the course of the 18-month program.

The apprenticeship program is an investment in every one of CES’ stakeholders. We deliver a valuable opportunity to the community that lowers barriers of entry in advanced manufacturing positions and further strengthens CES with a growing force of highly skilled employees. But, perhaps most importantly, CES customers reap the benefits of our investment in employees. When electronics manufacturers invest in high-quality training and support, the OEMs they serve receive higher quality service.