Manufacturing Services

Compass Electronics Solutions (CES) offers a unique mix of advanced manufacturing capabilities and a commitment to customer success. We provide a range of mix/volume solutions tailored to suit your needs and serve you during any stage of your product’s complete lifecycle. Trust CES to bring your most innovative electronic device concepts to life.



Compass Electronics Solutions printed circuit board assemblies are high quality and versatile. With a wide range of PCB and SMT capabilities we create the most complex and innovative PCBs to ensure success is infinitely repeatable. From double-sided mixed technology (SMT and through-hole) to automated inline selective soldering, CES is prepared to be your full-service EMS partner.

  • PCB design & PCB layout expertise
  • SMT and auto insertion
  • 10 zones reflow oven
  • Paste-in-hole technology
  • Double-sided mixed technology (SMT & through-hole)
  • Automated depanelization & insertion
  • Automated inline selective solder (leaded & lead-free)

  • Water soluble & no-clean process
  • Aqueous wash with Saponifier
  • Jet clean with ionic testing
  • Large, complex PCAs
  • High part count > 3,000
  • High layer count PCB
  • MicroBGA & MicroCSP technologies

Cable & Wire Harness

All cable assemblies and wire harnesses are manufactured with ISO 9001 processes that allow flexibility of customer preferred or Compass Electronics Solutions approved suppliers. When you choose CES for your cable assembly or wire harness, you can expect the project to be completed on time while meeting certified specifications.

  • Conformal coating
  • Complex cable harness configurations
  • Automated cutting & stripping
  • Unlimited size & complexity


Kiosk & Box Build

At CES we build and assemble kiosks for travel, mass retail, transportation, hospitality, and more. All kiosks are designed, assembled and manufactured with processes that allow maximum flexibility for our customers.

  • Underfill, bonding & several epoxies
  • Unlimited size & complexity
  • Custom box build & kiosk assembly
  • Digital signage & screens