Compass Electronics Solutions (CES) creates complex and critical electronic devices in markets where innovation doesn’t happen overnight – where technical expertise and a keen understanding of market demands are essential to success. CES works with you every step of the way to deliver innovative solutions that capture value with the functionality and experiences users require.

Medical & Life Sciences

CES is uniquely positioned to create outstanding devices for medical applications. Our background in secure connected devices and strict quality processes provide a perspective that places us on the cutting edge. Our Medical development capabilities with systems integration expertise help to reduce risk, from concept to launch.

CES’ comprehensive quality management system complies with even the most rigid medical industry certifications and quality standards, including ISO13485. Our expertise helps mitigate risk and comply with all FDA and international regulations to get your product to market. Whether designing an IoT stethoscope, a more reliable AED, a first-of-a-kind vision solutions to mitigate severe blindness, or anything in between, CES can fulfill your needs by improving outcomes with innovative medical solutions.

Commercial & Industrial

CES has been developing user-focused products for industrial market applications since 1960. Our unique background of human-centered design capabilities facilitates the creation of connected devices that will be eagerly adopted by users, even in highly regulated environments.

From remote sensing to mission critical controls, CES’ services cover a wide range of commercial/industrial development and manufacturing needs. Our expertise ensures your product meets the most current performance and quality standards, while giving end-users the experience they demand.

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and defense technology must be rugged, precise, and above all else reliable. When the safety of those relying on the technology is at stake, Compass Electronics Solutions understands the importance of unwavering performance. That’s why our facilities carry AS9100D certifications for aerospace safety.

CES’ design and manufacturing experience spans a wide range of aerospace and defense applications. We have been a trusted supplier to some of today’s largest aircraft manufacturers. Our team has helped to develop durable field communications technology for law enforcement and military personal. We’ve even ventured into the realm of reconnaissance robotics for domestic defense markets. Compass Electronics Solutions has the expertise to help you realize innovation in highly regulated markets with rapidly advancing technology

Other Markets

At Compass Electronics Solutions, we are technology experts with a passion for user-centric design. This helps us, and our customers, to succeed in any market. That’s why we’ve been trusted by OEMs in industries ranging from agriculture, to retail, to financial services. We’ve supported customer success in equipment as large as commercial truck weigh stations and compact as USB drives. From consumer technology to health and fitness to electric guitar amplifiers. We know we can do it all because we’ve done it all!