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This customer came to Compass Electronics Solutions (CES) to take over production of their integrated equipment management systems for medical applications. With the need to save time and costs without compromising strategy, the customer trusted CES to deliver a solution that matched all specifications perfectly.


This customer is a leading medical equipment supplier that is dedicated to improving patient outcomes. With over 50 years of experience in their industry, the customer is trusted by healthcare providers to deliver solutions that are innovative and implementable.


Medical facilities often require specialty technology to remain organized, distribute oxygen, and provide high quality treatment. Many healthcare providers struggle to incorporate the necessary equipment, electrical services, and medical gas outlets into patient rooms without overcrowding the limited space or creating excessive clutter. When life-determining outcomes are at stake and efficiency is essential, providers need the tools to remain organized while maintaining convenient access to lifesaving technology.

Our customer offers hospitals a solution in the form of integrated equipment management systems. These versatile devices can be easily configured to the needs of the specific location, offering access to medical gas outlets, electricity, and mounting points for various equipment. The device not only saves valuable space, but also utilizes an intuitive user-centric interface. To ensure maximum range of applications, the systems are universally compatible with all major medical devices.

Historically the customer has manufactured their devices in-house, but as demand grew this became an increasingly daunting challenge. With unwavering quality and reliability as the top priority, the customer sought an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) partner with the capabilities to cost-effectively deliver a top-of-the-line product.


The customer came to Compass Electronics Solutions to take over the full production of their integrated equipment management systems. As a trusted EMS partner, we acted as an extension of the customer’s manufacturing operations. Before offering a quote, we brought one of their units back to our manufacturing facility. Through rigorous analysis and strategy development our team was able to establish our own assembly process. This process would maintain exceptional quality while offering substantial cost savings.

Our team was in consistent communication with the customer to provide real-time updates on the production process. Through the process of assembly we discovered opportunities for device improvement and rapidly informed the customer of the opportunity. With only minor tweaks we were able to increase safety and reliability while ensuring compliance with national electric code standards.

Despite mid-process design changes, we were able to remain ahead of schedule by rapidly adjusting production. Our team’s adaptability and dedication helped to ensure we fulfilled the customer’s every need. Ultimately, CES delivered the fully assembled units in accordance with the customer needs.


The partnership resulted in project completion ahead of schedule and well within budget. The quick project turnaround aimed to fully complete production in just over two months. Our focused operations successfully completed and delivered the final units a week in advance of the schedule. The customer’s cost savings have allowed the company to continue expanding its market share without concerns about scalability of production.

Compass Electronics Solutions delivered peace of mind through cost savings, schedule acceleration, and unwavering quality. With consistent communication to keep the project on track, we exceeded expectations for delivery and service. These successes were rooted in our attention to detail, dedication to quality, and accurate quoting of both price and timeline. Above all else, CES is an EMS partner that can be relied upon.

The success of this project has facilitated an ongoing relationship between Compass Electronics Solutions and the customer. They continue to leverage CES’ services for their manufacturing and development needs. We further intend to deepen business ties through collaborations with other medical device producers.


“Transitioning from in-house to outsourced assembly was a quantum leap for us.

The quality processes that CES employs are impressive. We found this detailed approach to be extremely valuable as it helped us to review, modify, and fully document our own internal procedures. This is a group of professionals that are highly motivated and dedicated to getting it done right, in a cost effective and timely manner. ”

– Customer, Company President

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