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Overcoming the Production Challenges of COVID-19


When COVID-19 upended global supply chains and production plans, Compass Electronics Solutions took substantial and immediate measures to ensure uninterrupted production for our customers. As electronics manufacturing services (EMS) facilities around the world experienced capacity restrictions due to supply chain disruptions and mandatory closures, few companies were immune. When a Compass Electronics Solutions facility was subject to temporary closure, our team supported our customers by transferring full production and testing lines to our other fully operational facilities. We delivered reliable EMS to OEMs by reducing supply chain and production risk in the face of a pandemic.


The COVID-19 pandemic presented unpredictable challenges for supply chains across industries, including electronics manufacturing. As governments around the world took steps to reduce travel and limit in-person work environments, electronics manufacturing operations were faced with reduced capacity and even mandated closures. The disruption to the global economy could not be over-stated, but Compass Electronics Solutions took steps to insulate our customers from risk and ensure uninterrupted production.

Our Juarez, Mexico manufacturing facility was subject to a mandated temporary closure as a part of the Government of Mexico’s efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. Compass Electronics Solutions immediately issued a notification to our customers who rely on the facility for their production needs. One customer with substantial demand for continued manufacturing of their electronic locks and security systems was at risk of experiencing costly production delays.


Compass Electronics Solutions created a detailed process that would enable the transfer of our customer’s electronic locks from Juarez to our US-based facility in Minnesota that would not be subject to closure. Once approved, our team executed the production transfer as quickly as possible to avoid additional manufacturing delays. Compass Electronics Solutions swiftly empowered a joint task force of engineers and production managers to transfer all required material, documentation, and production knowledge to the new production site. The transfer process was designed to minimize down time and maintain unwavering product quality.

Within two days of the customer’s approval Compass Electronics Solutions’ team had transferred the entire electronics assembly line, including the plans, fixtures, and raw materials necessary to resume production at our Minnesota facility. Our team even transferred specialty testing equipment unique to the customer’s product line. Immediately following the transfer, our Manufacturing and Test Engineers who had managed production traveled from Juarez to Minnesota to assist in the transition.


Dedicated to delivering reliable EMS, our team completed the line transfer and had resumed production within a week of the proposal’s approval. The substantial task was completed by leveraging our versatile network of domestic and near-shore facilities, highly skilled team, and flexibility to respond to changing business conditions and customer needs. Through quick action and dedication to our customers, Compass Electronics Solutions helped a valued customer avoid risk and delivered peace of mind by mitigating the effects of manufacturing delays during uncertain times.


This customer is a leader in electronic locks and security products that prides itself on over seven decades of innovations. From keypads and digital deadbolts to cutting edge smart locks, the customer is a familiar consumer brand. They came to Compass Electronics Solutions for production of their electronic locks’ internal printed circuit boards and wiring.

Rapid Response: Facility-to-Facility Production Transfer (Covid-19)
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  • Project Name Rapid Response: Facility-to-Facility Production Transfer
  • Client Leader in electronic locks and security products