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IoT monitoring for Industry 4.0. – Bringing the connected cloud to new markets.

A leading filtration systems company came to Compass Electronics Solutions (CES) to produce a first-of-its-kind IoT monitoring device for dust collection machinery. The device would provide insights and data wirelessly to users through the cellular cloud. Our team provided comprehensive testing, prototyping, and manufacturing services from NPI to full-scale production.


Complex industrial equipment often requires monitoring and routine maintenance. This can place a strain on operations, since any downtime can quickly become costly. In regulated settings, overdue maintenance could even result in inadvertent noncompliance. Maintaining dust collection machinery requires a degree of attentiveness that is often impractical for modern managers. This customer came to CES to help in the development of a wireless IoT monitoring system that reports real time data to the cloud.

The device magnetically attaches to dust collectors for easy installation. The versatile monitor could then be applied to new dust collectors, retrofitted for existing ones, or even applied to competitor products. Secure wireless reporting offers an opportunity for end-users to increase efficiency, decrease downtime, and take the guesswork out of maintenance. The device not only gives our customer a valuable differentiator from its competitors, but also offers a subscription-based revenue stream to supplement filtration system sales.

The inherent challenge of realizing the innovative device was the difficulty of incorporating three unique sensors. To place these sensors on the embedded circuit boards would require special handling and precision. The sensors were essential to perform the device’s monitoring functions, so our team worked closely with the customer to ensure accuracy and quality.


CES delivered the first batch of 50 prototypes in a tight 3-month period. While the customer came to our team with a design, our rigorous testing services helped to refine the final devices reliability. The cutting-edge IoT solution is expected to have a high adoption rate, but this is dependent upon unwavering reliability. With an emphasis on scalability, an additional 500 units were produced in the following 2 months.

Our support throughout the NPI process was characterized by flexibility. We worked closely with the customer, and the sensor supplier to ensure the unique sensors were properly incorporated into the device. When component sourcing delays arose, our manufacturing team was able to adapt to the new schedule to keep the timeline on track. With the effect of delays mitigated, the NPI was able to continue as planned. The collaborative process emphasized daily communication. The end-device delivered on all project specifications


The device is now available globally and receives dedicated support from our customer. The versatile solution allows users to receive and interpret the cloud data in their own management systems or contract our customer to perform monitoring and maintenance. Whether users utilize cloud data for internal monitoring, or contract our customer for support, the device offers real value through secure, real-time connectivity that allows for remote optimization.

In addition to ushering in the IoT age for our customer’s dust collectors, cross-compatibility with competitor dust collectors helps to grow our customer’s market share. Even those who used competitor dust collectors would benefit from investing in our customer’s device.

First year production is expected to reach over 12 times the first batch volume, with further growth projected in years to come. The success of the device marks the advent of connected machinery in the filtration systems industry. The customer is continuing to work with CES for production of this, and other devices.


This is an industry leader in filtration systems with a global presence and wide array of products. They came to Compass Electronics Solutions to realize new streams of revenue while gaining an edge over their competition. The first-of-its-kind device has positioned our customer as the only OEM in their industry to offer wireless IoT monitoring for dust collection machinery.

Bringing the connected cloud to new markets – IoT monitoring for Industry 4.0.
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