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Helping deliver value through smart design


A brand is an intangible asset and is often the most valuable asset to a company. Brand identity is what makes your brand distinct from the competition. Brands are often times well defined, but translating that definition into 3D products can be a challenge. What does “trusted” look like? What does “clean” feel like? How do you design, engineer, and manufacture a broad range of products that all consistently communicate the key elements of a brand regardless of the team working on the product? That was the challenge faced by the customer, a global supplier of weighing solutions.

The customer has hundreds of products that are used in industries from Food and Beverage to Mining and Transportation. With an extremely diverse product portfolio and a limited brand expression, the customer sought the help of the Compass Electronics Solutions (CES) design team to help create a unifying design language to implement a consistent product look and feel that met their brand, business, technology, and user needs.


The CES design team began by working with client experts to discover the needs and wants of each key stakeholder from the executive leaders to the manufacturing technician to the end users. Through the discovery phase the team was able to understand the challenges with the current product designs, cost drivers for the business, typical use case scenarios, manufacturing and technical needs, and a detailed understanding of current brand positioning.

From that research, the design team’s goal became clear: create a new design language that was scalable to a wide variety of product types, lower cost and manufacturing effort while simultaneously conveying a clean, trusted and premium look and feel. Adding to the challenge was providing a simpler and more intuitive user experience. In other words, the design needed to hit the sweet spot between user’s desirability, technical feasibility, and business viability. The team proposed numerous design language concepts each enabled by a specific manufacturing technique aimed at reducing cost and time to manufacture and all uniquely in alignment with the customer’s brand positioning. The concepts explored both the industrial design and physical user interface across a broad yet strategic product sampling.


By utilizing our extensive expertise in the manufacturing process and leveraging the network of manufacturing partners, the team was able to put a creative twist on a tried and true manufacturing technique that reduced cost by over 60% as compared to the cost of their current product design. The design language also helped to reduce time to market by over 3 months, was IP67 friendly, and offered a customer branded design aesthetic that exceeded expectations both aesthetically and from a user experience standpoint.

The culmination of the effort was a comprehensive design language guideline document that enabled the customer to build a stronger more consistent brand presence in the market and spend less time in development and production of new products, ultimately realizing a faster time to market and revenue growth.


The customer is a global leader in the supply of weighing solutions. With over 250 years of experience, the company designs and manufactures a broad range of industrial products and weighing systems.

Helping deliver value through smart design
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  • Project Name Helping Deliver Value Through Smart Design
  • Client Global Leader in Supply & Weighing Solutions