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Connected Lawn Care Automation For Water Conservation.

Sprinkl watering systems came to Compass Electronics Solutions (CES) for production of their innovative in-ground moisture sensors and controller for sprinkler automation. Our dedicated processes and diligence helped exceed their expectations for quality, water resistance, and cost effectiveness. The success of the project and the end-device inspired Sprinkl to continue working with CES for long-term cost-effectiveness and scalability in device production.


Sprinkl, a Texas-based watering systems innovator, sought to create a versatile cross-compatible lawn-care solution that enables users to conserve water and save money with remote sprinkler control systems. Their innovative solution starts with the soil, to catch water waste at its roots. An in-ground electronic moisture sensor is embedded into the soil to track moisture levels at multiple depths. This information is then transmitted in real time to a control unit that interprets and responds to the moisture levels it senses, delivering complete lawn care automation.

When used together, the control and moisture sensor units give users the ability to fully automate lawn care so that watering occurs in response to actual soil conditions. By taking the guesswork out of lawn-care, Sprinkl allows its users to substantially reduce water waste and the associated costs. For those who prefer to maintain the personal touch, the Sprinkl’s highly intuitive mobile application allows users to monitor, schedule, and control their sprinkler systems from anywhere.

As their innovative solution began to catch on, Sprinkl came to CES to ensure scalability with rising demand and refine their production process. CES would take on the production and assembly of Sprinkl’s Sense (SR-100) in-ground moisture sensors and Control (SR-400) smart controller units. The Sense would have to be resistant to the elements, presenting new challenges in producing the unit’s casing. As a moisture sensor it was imperative that the device could get wet without damaging the embedded circuitry and connectivity chips. Further, the Sense’s 6-year battery life meant the device would have to withstand repeated seasonal changes without taking damage. Sprinkl trusted CES as a partner for cost-effective, scalable solutions that would maintain the highest level of quality and reliability.


In developing manufacturing processes, CES knows quality is top priority. Manufacturing maintained ISO9000 compliance while reducing materials cost and ensuring quality. To achieve this materials cost reduction, Sprinkl leveraged our strategic supplier relationships to optimize the supply chain from raw materials to end-device. By creating new efficiencies in the supply chain and manufacturing practices we helped the customer design processes that would scale better for long term business growth.

To fulfill the essential device function, our team embedded reliable Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. This allowed the moisture sensors to transmit data to a mobile app for management and the controller system for automation. Interconnectivity provided an additional complication, as Sprinkl’s Control unit delivered capabilities to monitor up to 16 distinct zones, each with a unique sensor.

The capacity to monitor and automate 16 zones is a key differentiator for Sprinkl, far exceeding offerings of their competitors. By allowing multiple moisture sensors to report specific measurements from distinct zones, users can measure larger areas of lawn more precisely, watering only the relevant sections as necessary to preserve water and avoid lawn damage from overwatering. The CES team was able to deliver the expanded connectivity capabilities to get the job done.

The connected elements embedded in the printed circuit board (PCB) would be compromised if affected by moisture. CES delivered a plan to secure that so the moisture sensors could accurately take their measurements while resisting any water damage. CES acted as a full-service partner throughout Sprinkl’s transition to full-scale manufacturing, helping to exceed the expectations for efficiency, quality, functionality, and cost-effectiveness.


The resulting products fulfilled all specification requirements while enabling long term, cost efficient growth. With a battery life of 6 years, the devices will need to withstand years of weather and moisture. Our solution delivered the necessary resistance to long-term exposure to moisture for the in-ground sensors as well as protection from the elements for the control units that will often be mounted outdoors in an exposed environment.

Most importantly, the device was developed to be intuitive for its users. By allowing for easy installation on any sprinkler system and offering the intuitive mobile app for lawn monitoring, users can care for their lawn in a new way. The sprinkler automation function gives consumers the option to maintain a perfect lawn without micromanaging their sprinkler system. The solution even offers the unique ability to interface with IoT assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. The versatile system allows its users to march closer to complete home automation by embedding full sprinkler control in your home assistant.

The success of this project has laid the groundwork for an ongoing relationship between Sprinkl and CES. Having proven our dedication to providing customer-centric service and capabilities to meet strenuous requirements, CES will continue to partner with Sprinkl as a full-service EMS provider.


Sprinkl develops innovative connected devices to aid in lawn care automation and water conservation for both commercial and residential applications. Their solutions are cross-compatible with existing sprinkler brands to allow for easy and universal implementation. They have won praise from environmental conservationist groups for helping to reduce water consumption for irrigation purposes and lawn sprinklers.

Connected Lawn Care Automation For Water Conservation.
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  • Project Name Connected Lawn-care Automation for Water Conservation
  • Client Sprinkl