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AbioCorTM is the world’s first completely self-contained, replacement heart system for patients with end-stage heart failure. ABIOMED consulted CES’ industrial design and mechanical engineering teams to produce a compact surgical console to drive the AbioCor artificial heart and thoracic unit. The surgical console aids surgeons during the implant procedure and then travels with the patient to wirelessly monitor the implanted AbioCor system and help doctors make system adjustments. The innovative device provides a possible solution to patients who have no other treatment options.


CES’ Industrial Design team travelled to numerous ORs, ICUs, and recovery rooms to observe countless bovine implant procedures. This ensured the team thoroughly understood surgical procedures, environmental constraints, and patient and caregiver needs. After distilling their findings into product concepts, our Industrial Design team then went back into the field with concept models to validate their findings.

The first of its kind design won an Industrial Design Excellence Award. But, more importantly, the new surgical console and accompanying technology can provide hope to hundreds of thousands of patients who may need heart replacements.

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  • Project Name Surgical Console
  • Client ABIOMED