Project Details

High visual impact.

It is important to protect highway workers, but this can be difficult in low visibility conditions. While “fines may double in work zones” to emphasize the importance of careful driving near highway workers,  it’s still crucial to implement protective strategies. The best way to protect a highway worker’s safety is to ensure they are seen, especially in the dark or poor weather conditions. Safe Lites produces a unique line of high-visibility safety apparel for highway workers and law enforcement officers, using thin, low-temp electroluminescent lighting and lithium ion battery technology.


Logic’s product design, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering teams collaborated on every element of the GlowSkin Power pack. The goal was to create a wearable design that is affordable, lightweight, energy efficient, and easy to use. The result: a slim, comfortable housing, with a high impact color and graphics scheme that reinforces the Safe Lites brand. The design makes the power pack easy to find and intuitive to use. The successful product even won Best of Show at the International Association of Chiefs of Police December in 2004 and is currently in use with the Minnesota State Patrol, Alaska State Troopers, NYPD, and more.

  • Project Name Glowskin Pro Power Pack
  • Client SAFE LITES