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Helping to Cost-Effectively Deliver Water Analysis Equipment

LaMotte has over 100 years of experience providing the highest quality equipment systems for water analysis. They came to Compass Electronics Solutions (CES) for production of their ColorQ electronic instrumentation for pool and spa analysis. Through our efficient processes and diligence in unit assembly, we delivered high quality devices at a reduced cost and within the desired timeframe.


Testing equipment for water analysis must maintain the highest level of quality to ensure accuracy in testing. But the pressures to deliver effective water testing equipment at increasingly competitive price points challenge manufacturers to reduce cost without compromising quality. LaMotte, a leader in water testing, came to CES to produce their ColorQ line of electronic instrumentation for pool and spa analysis.

In selecting their EMS provider, LaMotte needed more than a high quality, cost-effective solution. They sought a partner with the capacity and efficient processes to deliver units in a timely manner, even as demand increases. This emphasis on efficient, high-quality production and capacity for growth drove the customer to CES for our strategic position.


Compass Electronics Solutions was the ideal partner for LaMotte because our team efficiently delivered full-service solutions. Through strategic supplier selection we helped the customer acquire the same components at a more competitive price. Our combined box build and PCBA capabilities enabled complete duplication of the assemblies’ quality while reducing LaMotte’s costs.

LaMotte further trusted CES as a partner with the capacity to take on additional kit assemblies and product lines. To accommodate rising demand, LaMotte chose CES to ensure a strategic relationship with the potential for growth. Our locations in El Paso and Juarez offered access to a growing electronics economy, supported by the apparatus of our broader network of facilities. Our diligent manufacturing team maintained the devices’ quality and water resistance.


Our partnership with LaMotte was successful in delivering high quality, cost efficient water testing equipment. The compact devices are fully assembled by CES using components sourced through our network of LaMotte approved suppliers. With consistent communication throughout the assembly process, our team helped keep the project on schedule. CES effectively fulfilled end-to-end EMS needs with our customer-centric manufacturing and support services. The success of this project has laid the groundwork for an ongoing relationship.


LaMotte Company is a trusted provider of water quality and guidance equipment. Since 1919, LaMotte has been delivering the most extensive line of portable tests in their industry, fully supported by their technical and customer services.

Helping to Cost-Effectively Deliver Water Analysis Equipment
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  • Project Name Helping to Cost-Effectively Deliver Water Analysis Equipment
  • Client LaMotte Company