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Reliable Nanomechanical Testing – Beauty in small things.

As the world leader in scientific nanomechanical test instruments Hysitron needed to refresh their flagship instrument. Having built their business with a focus on the minute, it was important that the new design express the same focus on detail and deliver a quality experience to their customers. They enlisted the help of our Product Design team to create a new enclosure which would meet these needs.


An in-depth study of the technical requirements, operations, and lab environment prepared our designers for the task. Environmental management, operator’s line of sight, ease of access, platform flexibility, and cost of development all played a role in shaping the final design. By integrating multiple functions and simplifying lines, our designers created a product which stands out from the competition and shapes the future of the Hysitron.

Reliable Nanomechanical Testing – Beauty in small things.
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  • Project Name TI 950 Triboindenter
  • Client HYSITRON