Terms and Conditions

Compass Electronics Solutions – Minneapolis, MN

For Logic PD general terms and conditions, download our Standard Terms and Conditions.

For Logic PD supplier requirements and transportation policies, download our Supplier Requirements and Transportation Policy.

For Logic PD flow down for component supplier policies, download our Flow Down for Component Supplier Policy.


Compass Electronics Solutions – El Paso, TX and Juarez, MX

For terms and conditions relating to the sale of products or services, download our Sales Terms and Conditions.


Compass Electronics Solutions – Dayton, OH

For all MAC suppliers that provide products or services for CES, download our Purchase Order Terms.

For all MAC products or services supplied for a Government contract, download Supplement 1 (FAR) and Supplement 2 (DFAR).

For all MAC products or services supplied for an Aerospace contract, download AS9100 Supplier Requirements.

When specific MAC Quality Requirements apply, download Supplemental Quality Requirements.

For MAC  C64 Terms and Conditions, download REMARK C64 Terms and Conditions.